Cosmic Reawakening

by Crafteon

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Metal Injection:
"Crafteon are about to self-release their debut album, Cosmic Reawakening, and it's one that should definitely be on your radar if you're a fan of black metal or legendary horror author, H.P. Lovecraft. From the moment you hit play on the album, you're immediately transported into a melodic and mystical world that Crafteon builds on across all 8 tracks, and leaves you wanting more."

No Clean Singing:
"The lyrics are indeed Lovecraftian in their evocation of blood-chilling horror. And the music effectively captures the terrifying and grandiose drama of the words, with a pulsating, yowling riff that gets its hooks in fast and cracked, strangled vocals that are monstrously ugly and rise up in flames of delirious anguish."
"[O]ne of the most memorable black metal albums ever."

Album description:
This recording prudently recounts an antiquarian bundle of peculiar short stories authored by the famed American horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft, featuring a blasphemous potpourri of amorphous black metal enmeshed with spurious, assonant passages of hope juxtaposed and vanquished by discordant strains of utter despair and madness.


released August 25, 2017

All music written and performed by © Crafteon

Lord Mordiggian - Vocals, Guitar
Fthaggua - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ithaqua - Bass, Backing Vocals
Rhagorthua - Drums

Mixed by Michael Goodrich
Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording
Guitars and vocals recorded by Lord Mordi
Drums recorded by Jamie Hillyer at Module Overload

Cover artwork by Nick Skochev a.k.a. SHadoW-Net @ Deviant Art
Lyric pages and disc tray art by Mark Wesley Foster
Crafteon logo and cover layout by Brutal Disorder Designs
CD case and booklet layout and design by Travis Boylls
Photos by Boutte Photography & Design | Costuming by Mallorie Crouch

Lyrics are an attempt to remain as true as possible to the original text of each H.P. Lovecraft short story (via excerpts from the Public Domain), and where such attempts prove difficult, Lord Mordi has supplied lyrical contributions and revisions while striving to at least mirror Lovecraft’s style and diction.
“Dagon” lyrics featuring contributions from Andrew Menefee


all rights reserved



Crafteon Denver, Colorado

Crafteon is a black metal band out of Denver, Colorado, whose music is based on the works of famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. The name "Crafteon" is a play-on-words with "Lovecraftian" and "aeon."

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Track Name: The Outsider
I know not where I was born
Save this castle, all memories are dust
Dark passages and shadowy solitude
Measureless time amongst infinity of death

No moon or sun to illuminate
My caliginous realm of gloom
No sense of self or identity
The only answer is to climb

To seek the sky

Beneath the keep, a labyrinth
Of nighted silence: dark, oppressive air
My sole reality in crumbled books
Forsaken cycle as a long-forgotten man

No mirrors or glass to illuminate
My undiscovered reflection
No faith in purpose or philosophy
All that’s left is to climb

Behold the light
Urge to ascend the black, ruined tower
Or meet my end

Free from my imprisonment I come upon
A venerable ivied castle
My eyes baptised by the sight of my kin

Desperate for contact, I cross over the sill
Unwholesome clamor and panic erupt
The guests fleeing from a horror unknown

With arms outstretched
To a carrion thing before me
Unnameable creature
My touch collides with polished glass

It’s me
Track Name: What the Moon Brings
I hate the moon

In the spectral summer of narcotic flowers
And humid seas of foliage
I walk by the shallow crystal stream
Resistless to the currents of strange oceans

Swirling away under the arched, carven bridge
Lotos blossoms float along like calm, dead faces
Dropped down from the howling winds of the opiate night
The blossoms stare back with sinister resignation

What the moon brings, what the moon brings

I run right along the shore, maddened ever by the pressing fear
Of unknown things and alluring charnel faces
Down from the lunar-brightened sky, a black condor descends
Upon the reef, beginning to emerge with the ebbing tide

Up from the depths, black spires surface on the sea
Revealing ancient towers of the past: dead, dripping city
Electrifying my body, a new chill washes over me
As the waxing moon unveils the secret of the spires

Jutting from the waves, neither reef nor city
But a black basalt crown of a Cyclopean horror
Shrieking, I fear the hidden face will rise above the waters
To escape I plunge into the stinking shallows where now I sleep

I hate the moon
Track Name: The Temple
We found the ivory carving
Stashed among his dripping rags
Pried his clenching grip from the railing
Throwing him overboard
His eyes jarred open
The reanimated corpse swam away

Drifting into madness
The ivory idol guides us
Torn away from our course
Plunging down through abyssal doors
Driven mad

Breaking loose, a mutiny brings fratricide
One by one, the bodies out the double-hatches
Nowhere to go but down
Down to the ocean floor
With the statuette firmly in our grasp

Reluctant, assisted suicide
The aqueous depths his Stygian grave
Now I’m alone
Failing air and failing light
Urge to disembark

Looming in the searchlight
Cyclopean keep
Yawning, beckoning door
I behold the temple

With the fading of the last stricken match
An eerie requiem penetrates the hull
Shining forth from the opening of the temple
A light like altar-flame seduces me to my death
Track Name: Dagon
Silent escape
Slipping into the waters

Lost on this freakish mire
I see mankind is dead
And when I touch the water
I’m plagued with dream-infested sleep

Dream-infested sleep

Blind, idiot god
I feel your breath against my neck
That slick, mucoid layer
Upon its wretched frame

Dreams, dreams of rising tides

Ancient deity
Blind, idiot god
I hear your children at my door
Now, now, now they come

I step upon the window sill
The needles fall away
The creatures call me home
Plunging to the street below
Blind, idiot god
You’ll not have me
Track Name: The Colour Out of Space
Where the blasted heath now stands
Is where the dreaded thing first came down
Ripping the earth asunder
With a noisome crack of thunder

Glowing faintly in the night
The indescribable colour of the light
Every measure found it nothing of this earth
Yet still the nameless thing perpetually burned

It came down from the skies
The crystal carrier of cosmic light

The foetid pestilence diffused throughout the land
Emanating from the sunken, shadowed crater
Disproportionate flora and fauna
Dark disfigurement and hulking malformations

The sudden madness of his wife
And withering crops of the blackened countryside
Chaotic, phosphorescent matter
It was the colour, it was the colour

It came down from the skies
The crystal carrier of cosmic light

Shriveling skin, crumbling bodies
Crippling poison
The plague’s wretched wrath

Swallowing children, species of suction
Feeding its hunger
The colour out of space

The waving trees, accursed glimmering lights
Terranean curse, skeletal shards of life
Engulfing the vigor, sucking the marrow
Draining away, leaving it dry

Down the well, the colour grows
Slime-infested, wicked waste
Awaiting the call, from far beyond
To dwell again among the stars

It came down from the skies
The crystal carrier of cosmic light

It was the colour, the colour out of space
Track Name: The White Ship
Gazing out toward the black sea
Bestowing my torch, lighting the pathways
I am the keeper guarding North Point
Charged to this tower, sworn to the dark nights

While my beam cuts the horizon
Secrets do lurk behind the gray mist
From the vapors emerges a white ship
Beckoning to me, its charioteer calls:

Follow me to the waves,
Sail to your dreams of unknown, nameless shores
Grasp onto the helm
Steer for the lost, forgotten lands of old

The White Ship rides forever to distant tides
The White Ship rides, following its feathered guide

Borne upon the billowing waves and wind
We sail onto glorious lands of gods
Sona-Nyl and Thalarion
Yet my heart lies in Cathuria

Against his will, the captain agrees to leave
For miles and miles following wings above
Never finding the land of Cathuria
I’ve forsaken all that is now lost

Dragged forward, we yield
Unto the dark, abysmal door ahead
Deep into the void
Whirling our ship into the mouth of Hell

The White Ship rides forever to distant tides
The White Ship rides, following its feathered guide

The White Ship rides forever to distant tides
The White Ship rides, following its feathered guide
Track Name: From Beyond
Twilight in Providence
Imagination’s hour
A late invitation from a disconcerting friend
The student of the dark
His eyes sunken deep
Under blotched, yellowed skin
Disfigurement of tenebrous addiction
For ten long weeks
Under laboratory lamps
Sharpening his ancient invocations
At the crest of attic steps
I behold the odd machine
Glowing with a violet luminosity
Overleaping time we travel to the stars
Enkindling a cosmic reawakening

Hurling toward infinity
Unleashing Elder Things
Inviting dark monstrosities
Calling from beyond
Attuning to the frequencies
Where daemonic shadows feed
Spectral shades encircle me
This cannot be a dream

Emanating noisome drones
The apparatus glows
Pouring forth a seething column
Of tentacled illusions
My colleague whispers furtively
With terror in his breath
Warning me I cannot move
For in these rays we are able to be seen

Unfurl the truth
These cosmic beings walk the boundaries of our world

Waves awakening a thousand sleeping senses
Inherited from aeons of evolution

Delicate torture of my whole body
Aerial ocean of light
We call them from beyond

I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity
And drawn down daemons from the stars
I have harnessed the shadows that stride
From world to world to sow death and madness
Space belongs to me
They are coming, they are coming
Track Name: The Whisperer in the Darkness
Indescribable, odd accounts
Of flood waters churning with creatures
Old rustic superstitions, whispered legends
Tenebrous shapes, crustaceous bodies
Membranous wings of mist
The Old Ones remembered
In folk tales weaved with myth

Ia! Shub-Niggurath!
The Whisperer in the Darkness
Ia! Yuggoth!
The Whisperer in the Darkness

In certain deep, steep-sided gorges
spied in thickets at twilight on the hills
they drone
Letters from Akeley, referenced scripts
Legendry Celtic and Pennacook myth
Ex nihilo nihil fit
Druid-like monuments, circling stones
Hieroglyphic marks and etchings unknown
Star-born race

May Eve, on the hideous Sabbat night
Furtively emerging from the pits of primal life
The Outer Ones of Yuggoth
With nameless things collide
Ancient dark alliances forged in the dead of night


Entering primitive hills, funereal stillness
Acknowledging the eerie invitation
To Dark Mountain
Menacing, glassy, strained, rigid stare
Whispers emanating from a corner chair
Of great tiered towers built of black stone
Insidious cylinders encompassing souls
Traveling nebulous distances
The Outer Ones’ mechanical mummery

Akeley imprisoned in cylindered night
Enslaved to the Stygian realm of Neptunial sprites
As hideous fungoid beings build subterrestrial reichs
To the blackest goat, Lord of the Wood
and unmeasurable might


Puppetry, trickery, mimicking ruse
Necronomicon subjects, the Outer Ones seek me
Antediluvian architects
Need to escape this net of morbidity
Unnatural revelation,
Circumventing flight through the wood
From the house, evade this vile suffocation

Akeley? This can’t be real...

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